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Having a Bad Body Image Day? Try these Therapist and Recovery Community Approved Tips!

This comprehensive list is packed with proven techniques to help you conquer self-doubt, boost confidence, and transform your relationship with your body.



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Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS

has over 20 years in the mental health and eating disorder field. As a respected expert in the field she has curated a unique combination of techniques and strategies that address symptoms, risk factors, non-diet approaches to healthy living, and much more. We understand that treating an Eating Disorder and reaching total recovery is no easy feat, but we want to be with you every step of the way. 

Former Member

"Recovery Academy is a wonderful resource. It's given me a roadmap out of the darkness of my eating disorder. Dr. Steph has taken years of experience treating eating disorders and a vast array of knowledge and created a well organized, effective program which includes videos, activities, writing assignments for self-reflection and other tools which help members learn and grow as they begin to break free from the prison of their eating disorder or disordered eating/body image concerns"

 This comprehensive list is packed with proven techniques to help you conquer self-doubt, boost confidence, and transform your relationship with your body.

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Gain access to evidenced based tools and information that has helped  people overcome eating disorders

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