Are you tired of worrying and losing sleep over our weight or body shape?


Does your body cause you to cancel plans?


Are you sick of wanting to diet, hating the diet, feeling stuck and unable to accept your body without the diet?


Do you want to wake up refreshed and confident in your body instead of feeling trapped in your body?


Do you want to feel like you can get through the day without thinking about food, or your weight…or the gym..

Welcome to the Recovery Academy Body Image Bundle, a digital program for those struggling with an eating disorder. Our comprehensive courses teach you the tools to build and maintain a healthy relationship your their body. We've designed our program to provide effective resources for managing body image struggles that come with eating disorder recovery.



We understand that body image is a sensitive topic for individuals in eating disorder recovery...

and that's why our courses cover all the tools you need to learn compassionate ways to take care of your body - without all the dieting rules and expectations.

Our courses cover essential topics like coping skills and how to deal with self-judgment, along with the use of intuitive eating and health at every size for promoting body acceptance.


Get Your Mind Right Course


In Our Get Your Mind Right Course...

  • you'll learn real therapeutic  coping skills to help you manage and overcome negative body image related issues and emotions.
  • Learn how to:
  • neutralize negative self-talk
  • understand your self-talk patterns,
  • and develop strategies for positive coping for those days when you are being really hard on yourself, and your body, and the food you ate...
Get Your Mind Right

Stop Obsessing About How Your Body Looks


In our course learn...

  • practical strategies to help you bust the myths of the 'perfect body.'
  • We equip you with the tools and techniques for making peace with your body and promoting body positivity.
  • Gain science backed tips to stop the obsessive body concerns 



In our course learn:

The tools (including downloadable worksheets) to practice daily self-acceptance and kindness. 

  • Our course focuses on reclaiming your power and positively accepting your body, even when things feel scary, uncertain, and like you will never stop....

  • Learn ways to reject conventional dieting techniques and focus on intuitive eating principles instead.
  • This course teaches you the theory and science to building healthy body acceptance practices.
  • These are the PROVEN tips to better accept your body! 

The relationship between exercise and eating disorder recovery has been a topic of debate for a long time.

Our Exercise and Eating Disorder Recovery course aims to:

  • debunk myths about exercise, body movement, and eating disorders

  • teach healthy exercise as part of a balanced life,

  • show you healthy ways to support your valued aligned recovery lifestyle.

  • REAL and researched based techniques to care and practice more self-love
  • Science backed tips to help you neutralize the emotions that make it hard to quit the diet, the obsessive body checking, or obsessive exercise thoughts. 
Honor Your Body

Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS

has over 20 years in the mental health and eating disorder field. For years she has studied and practiced the skills she teaches. Now she teaches her clients and sees the hope of recovery in their lives. She now teaches these  techniques and strategies to help you better address symptoms, risk factors, non-diet approaches to healthy living, and much more. She understands that treating an Eating Disorder and reaching total recovery is no easy feat, but we want to be with you every step of the way. 


"Recovery Academy is a wonderful resource. It's given me a roadmap out of the darkness of my eating disorder. Dr Steph has taken years of experience treating eating disorders and a vast array of knowledge and created a well organized, effective program which includes videos, activities, writing assignments for self-reflection and other tools which help members learn and grow as they begin to break free from the prison of their eating disorder or disordered eating/body image concerns."

Dr. Courtney Tracy, LCSW, PsyD
"The Truth Doctor"

The Recovery Academy developed by Dr. Waitt is filling a known gap in eating disorder recovery. The community provided, along with the clinically-relevant resources and accessible tools, allows individuals to reduce their struggle and seek support on a daily basis. I will recommend this resource to anyone needing additional ED support and appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the creation of such a necessary service

Claire Chewning, RDN, RYT
Yours Chewly Nutrition, LLC.

The Recovery Academy is an incredibly supportive resource for anyone navigating ED recovery. Recovery is so worth it, but it’s far from easy…especially without adequate guidance and encouragement. I have no doubt that anyone needing more support on the road to recovery could benefit from this program. Dr. Stephanie Waitt’s years of training + experience combined with her relaxed, friendly, and engaging personality makes The Recovery Academy a one of a kind tool filled with more value than I’ve ever seen in any other online recovery resource. Reaching out for help is far easy, but The Recovery Academy can help with that. You deserve to be fully recovered and nourished…consider allowing Stephanie to help you in getting there!

Are you the 1 of the 70% of adult women that cancels plans because of your body image?  

Grab one of our Body Image Courses today and take a significant step towards building and maintaining an encouraging and positive body image. You'll learn to love and appreciate your body, recognizing it with its authenticity and individuality.

We are confident in our courses and believe it to be an essential and unique part of the eating disorder recovery journey and right now you can gain access to life saving information for less than the cost of your current Amazon Save For Later Cart.

Gain access to evidenced based tools and information that has helped  people overcome eating disorders.

Our courses are designed to HYPE you and provide you with  resources and guidance from a specialist in the field - for the fraction of the cost to see a specialist. 

Together, we'll work towards gaining back a healthy relationship with food, releasing ourselves from the chains of an eating disorder, and connect with Hype and Hope, knowing you're not alone. Join the road to recovery with us. 

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