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Having a Bad Body Image Day. Try these Therapist and Recovery Community Approved Tips!

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Embrace your beauty, inside and out. Learn to find the balance within yourself, so you can stop agonizing over your body and how you look, obsessing about your weight and your diet, and be kinder to yourself about how you look and feel. This course teaches:

  • How you can live a healthy life without obsessing about weight and your diet.
  • The specific tools to help you stop agonizing over your body and feeling OK wearing that dress tonight.
  • The exact tools and worksheets I use with my clients on a daily basis to start taking care of your body.
  • Bonus Content Included:
    Because you cannot trust and accept your body without being kinder to yourself I am including 2 relaxation practices to help you start being more compassionate with yourself.

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In this training I provide you with a quick video and the exact worksheets I use in sessions with my clients to help them enjoy more Friday nights dancing with Ice Cream in the kitchen with your boo!

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You are working so hard in your eating disorder recovery, but you feel frustrated, stuck, and scared because it feels impossible to accept your body.
Hi I’m Dr Stephanie Waitt, LPC, CEDS and Welcome To Unfxck Your Body and here with other warriors in recovery you can gain some support, and learn how to accept, appreciate and re-connect with your body while you work to heal from an eating disorder/disordered eating.
I host LIVE free trainings where I teach you how you can get unstuck in your recovery and be able to accept, appreciate, your body in a realistic and compassionate way.
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