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The Recovery Academy is an on demand eating disorder recovery support community that teaches members relatable recovery tips and tools to challenge eating disorder barriers in daily life. Every month, Dr. Steph (a certified eating disorder specialist) teaches and guides the community through essential recovery topics such as, how to stop obsessing about food and body size, how to stop the shame spiral, how to manage uncomfortable emotions without using behaviors, and tools to work toward body and self acceptance. The Recovery Academy Community offers recovery support when and where members need it from the ease of any tablet or internet connected device, all for about the cost of an insurance co-pay per month! 

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New Year, New Intentions

You may be experiencing the pressure to try to make some changes in the New Year. New Year Resolutions are so common which makes living with an eating disorder challenging. Diet culture sends the message your worth was somehow devalued because of different things you ate, or didn’t eat in the previous year.

We are all beyond grateful to say TA-DA to 2022 and begin new. This past year WAS HARD AF. It’s OK to want to make changes, to want to heal, to want to be better. I am allllll about self-improvement. Please live your best life. Instead of trying to change something about yourself because the world tells you that you need to (Resolution) we are going to focus on establishing intentions (Individual Values Based Priorities).

In this Hour Long Course, Dr. Steph teaches:

  • How to set intentions so you feel more focused and motivated, instead of setting resolutions that leave you feeling lost and shamed.
  • How to identify and challenge diet culture and eating disorder symptoms that show up in your life
  • 12 Positive Affirmations for Self-Love To Prioritize in 2023
  • SPECIAL GIFT of 12 Self-Love Intentions and Journal Prompts to help you get started with loving yourself, instead of trying to change yourself.