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Recovery can be really exhausting, difficult, and scary. You know a lot about your eating disorder, probably been in and out of therapy, but you either can’t afford to see someone who REALLY gets your eating disorder or you can’t find any one in your area to help you with your eating disorder. 


You have tried everything to feel better in your own skin, yet no matter what you try you just can’t stop hating your body...

  • There are so many rules about food. You doubt every food choice you make because you worry how it will change your weight, how it will change your body.
  • Your body just feels so wrong and uncomfortable and no matter what you do or try to feel more confident you just end up feeling lonely, misunderstood, and overwhelmed.
  • Following all these food rules makes you feel in control, yet confused and miserable at the same time. You can’t win for eating. You can’t win for not eating. Nothing ever seems “good enough”.

You want to end the cycle, it just feels like it is impossible for you.  

But it is TOTALLY possible. I'll show you how. 


There are 5 reasons why recovery feels impossible

  • You cannot stop obsessing about the way your stomach looks in your jeans, when all you want to really do is enjoy lunch with a friend.
  • You are told to trust and accept your body but you are not sure you can without having to diet, over-exercise, or worrying about “controlling” yourself around food. 
  • You practice all the self-care things but you still beat yourself up for all the mistakes, screw ups, and behaviors you used today. How can you like yourself when you can’t even do recovery right? 
  • You eat, you feel anxious and guilty, you don’t eat you feel depressed, tired, and miserable. You can’t seem to win. 
  • It is expensive and you either cannot afford to see a specialist or a specialist is not available to you. So sure you work with a therapist now, but they just make you feel like “you are not sick enough”. 

The Recovery Academy helps with all 5 of these to make recovery feel more possible and doable for you. 

What’s The Recovery Academy? 

It’s a monthly Membership Site. For a low monthly fee you get access to all the information, tools, and peer support you need to make recovery possible for you. It has courses, trainings, the opportunity for individualsSupport, and a close-knit Community to help you fight!.

Right now the Recovery Academy has 8 courses available for you: 

Tame Your Inner Jerk is all about learning how you can shut out the jerk living inside your head and challenge the eating disorder voice.  

Recovery Is Possible, Even For You so you can build the foundation and identify the strengths you currently have to help you along your recovery journey.

Manage ED Behaviors is all about giving you specific tools to help you fight food restriction, over exercise, binge eating, purging, and teach you how to be kinder to yourself (because we all know you are going to have bad days). 

And a new course will be added every month (the next course is on How You Can Stop Obsessing About How Your Body Looks So You Can Start Living Your Life. 


PLUS The Recovery Academy has live monthly trainings based on what the community wants to learn. Basically you get 2 educational support videos a month!

You’ll have access to all previous months’ trainings no matter when you join. Each month’s training will include an educational, not boring though, video, with activities and worksheets to help you really dig in and challenge the barriers to your recovery. 

The Best Part of The Recovery Academy? You Can TOTALLY afford it! 

You can gain access to the Recovery Academy for the cost of your insurance co-pay per month. 

There’s a 12 month minimum to sign up. The Academy is going to bring you so much information, and recovery is a journey full of ups and downs. This 12 month commitment gives you access to the all the information, tools, and education gradually to avoid overwhelm. I want to really make sure you have the tools you need to do this recovery thang so if after 12 months, if you feel you have gained all the information you need, or that you haven’t gotten what you needed, you can cancel anytime. 

In Addition

Private Facebook Support Group

  • 24/7 peer support that is professionally facilitated by Dr. Steph
  • Live Weekly support group with your community facilitated by a Recovery Academy coach.
  • Monthly Live Q&A with me and I will individually address your specific concerns, questions, and places you are stuck.