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Are you tired of constantly feeling like you need to lose weight or restrict yourself from eating certain foods in order to be happy with your body or achieve optimal health? Are you ready to pursue a life of self-love and acceptance?

Our Body Image Bundle is the all-in-one stop to help you find your body confidenceand offers you the tools and resources you need to improve your body image, understand intuitive eating, trust your body, and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle without ever dieting, restricting, or obsessing about your weight.

Sound too good to be true?

Learn from a long time expert, teacher, and supervisor in the field of eating disorders and body image recovery - Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS. This course bundle gains you access to her YEARS of training and teaching in the field at your own pace, on your own schedule. These are the exact tools Steph uses every day to help live a free, fun, and value aligned life. She believes in these tools so much she teaches them to her clients, and now she is teaching you these same tools to use right now in your real life.

Come as you are and get 4 courses on:

Our first course is a your in real life guide to intuitive eating, where you'll learn to trust your body to make the right food choices for you. The course will go over basic nutrition principles, hunger and fullness signals, and teach you how to recognize and honor them.

In our second course on body acceptance, you'll learn about body positivity, dismantle the problematic myths surrounding what's considered "attractive" bodies, and come to realize that every body is worthy of respect and self-care.

A third course on Health at Every Size, which will teach you that optimal health comes in various shapes and sizes. Discover the science behind this groundbreaking approach and how you can use it to overcome the damaging effects of diet culture.

And the fourth course teach you to say goodbye to your frustrating experience with diets and embrace positive practices that work with your body.

Make a life-changing decision to invest in your self-care and all-encompassing body positivity and join the Body Image Bundle Course and Get Started on Your Journey to Finding Your Body Confidence today!

With immediate access to Dr. Steph’s expertise and support, you will embark on a journey that will transform your approach to food and fitness, live happily and meaningfully in your own skin, revitalizing not only your body but also your spirit.

Begin creating a healthier, happier, and bodice that makes you feel as glorious as infinite tonight – your vibrant life is waiting for you!

We want this for you and are so hyped for you to see what you are going to find!

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Living In The Grey: Skills To Move Through The Stages Of Recovery Offer


Eating Disorder Recovery gets a bad wrap. I have heard a ton of times how it is not possible to recover from an eating disorder. I have heard people say that “recovery” isn’t possible. Well let me just stop you right here, recovery is possible. In fact we know that 60% of people that get treatment, get better! Eating Disorders are treatable, they are just not simply treated by “eating” or “fighting with your body size”. In this course I am going to help you define what recovery is and what it looks like for you. Then I am going to help you determine where you are at in the recovery process and offer you the same tools I share with my clients to help you get unstuck in your recovery and moving forward to live the life you want to be living! 

In this on demand course I will teach you:


  • The recovery process and what to expect as you heal. 
  • Steps to get motivated and empowered when you are feeling stuck in your recovery. 
  • At home skills you can use when you are feeling unmotivated, stuck, and hopeless in your recovery. 
  • Tools to challenge perfectionistic and unhelpful thought patterns that get you stuck in your recovery.



This course also includes:

Digital workbook to help you move through the stages of recovery and progress in your healing journey.  

  • Journal activities to keep the recovery focus. 
  • Community events - See the community section for all the community opportunities this month.  

In this teaching video I provide you with a video and the exact worksheets I use in sessions with my clients to help them when they are feeling stuck to feel more hopeful and motivated in their recovery.  Simply hit "complete my purchase" then gain immediate access to the video and materials.

What People Are Saying:

Recovery Academy is a wonderful resource. It's given me a roadmap out of the darkness of my eating disorder. Dr. Steph has taken years of experience treating eating disorders and a vast array of knowledge and created a well organized, effective program which includes videos, activities, writing assignments for self-reflection and other tools which help members learn and grow as they begin to break free from the prison of their eating disorder or disordered eating/body image concerns".