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Living In The Grey: Skills To Move Through The Stages Of Recovery Offer


Eating Disorder Recovery gets a bad wrap. I have heard a ton of times how it is not possible to recover from an eating disorder. I have heard people say that “recovery” isn’t possible. Well let me just stop you right here, recovery is possible. In fact we know that 60% of people that get treatment, get better! Eating Disorders are treatable, they are just not simply treated by “eating” or “fighting with your body size”. In this course I am going to help you define what recovery is and what it looks like for you. Then I am going to help you determine where you are at in the recovery process and offer you the same tools I share with my clients to help you get unstuck in your recovery and moving forward to live the life you want to be living! 

In this on demand course I will teach you:


  • The recovery process and what to expect as you heal. 
  • Steps to get motivated and empowered when you are feeling stuck in your recovery. 
  • At home skills you can use when you are feeling unmotivated, stuck, and hopeless in your recovery. 
  • Tools to challenge perfectionistic and unhelpful thought patterns that get you stuck in your recovery.



This course also includes:

Digital workbook to help you move through the stages of recovery and progress in your healing journey.  

  • Journal activities to keep the recovery focus. 
  • Community events - See the community section for all the community opportunities this month.  

In this teaching video I provide you with a video and the exact worksheets I use in sessions with my clients to help them when they are feeling stuck to feel more hopeful and motivated in their recovery.  Simply hit "complete my purchase" then gain immediate access to the video and materials.