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Eating Disorder Risk Factors, Symptoms, and How To Get Help Course

To feel “not sick enough” is very common thinking around eating disorders, and it’s actually a symptom. As an eating disorder specialist, “Am I sick enough?” is the #1 question I get, and if you’re asking the question, you are sick enough.

Sick enough is not healthy thinking, and, although it feels like you haven’t hit rock bottom—yet—I want you to know you deserve health and happiness. PERIOD!

In this hour-long Course, Dr. Steph teaches:

  • Why “sick enough” as a symptom of an eating disorder
  • How to tell if you are “sick enough”
  • The difference between disordered eating and eating disorders
  • A review of the different type of eating disorders
  • And how you can ask for help

This course also includes five positive affirmations and journal prompts for health and healing.