Are you tired of waking up at night and losing sleep because of the anxiety you feel in your chest and stomach?

Are you sick of having to plan another holiday or celebration around your diet or food needs?

Do you want to wake up feeling empowered to face the day and the challenges you face? 

Do you want to know how to move forward with compassion and grace when what you went through does not make any freaking sense? 

Do you want to feel like your body may be finally on your side?

Welcome to the Recovery Academy, a digital program for those struggling with an eating disorder. Our comprehensive courses teach you the tools to build and maintain a healthy relationship your body and your SELF. We've designed our courses to provide effective - researched - and validated resources for managing anxiety, sadness, anger, and all the uncomfortable emotions that come with living with an eating disorder.



We want to equip with the much-needed knowledge and resources to manage your emotions and feelings effectively. 

 It's OK to be Not Ok, and you don't have to stay stuck there. These courses are designed to help you get unstuck from the emotional funk that lingers when living with an eating disorder and mental health condition. 

Our courses cover essential topics like coping skills and how to deal with self-judgment, along with the use of intuitive eating and health at every size for promoting body acceptance and self-compassion.



Managing Emotions Like A Boss course

you'll learn valuable strategies for identifying and coping with intense emotions that come with the recovery journey.


  • learn stress management techniques for anxiety and worry
  • Gain mindfulness practices for overthinking and busy or "loud" thoughts
  • and Leave with positive self-talk to help you navigate difficult emotions.


Learn Science Backed Tools To Manage Your Emotions

In our Trauma and ED Recovery Course

We address the critical relationship between trauma and eating disorders.

  • We'll help you understand how to deal with trauma and prevent it from hindering progress in your recovery journey.
  • Our course provides therapeutic exercises and mind-body strategies to help you heal and restore.
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Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS

has over 20 years in the mental health and eating disorder field. For years she has studied and practiced the skills she teaches. Now she teaches her clients and sees the hope of recovery in their lives. She now teaches these  techniques and strategies to help you better address symptoms, risk factors, non-diet approaches to healthy living, and much more. She understands that treating an Eating Disorder and reaching total recovery is no easy feat, but we want to be with you every step of the way. 

Eating disorders are the third most common chronic illness among adolescent females in the United States.  

Join us today and take a significant step towards managing difficult emotions and feelings that may hinder your eating disorder recovery process. With our program, you'll gain essential knowledge on how to navigate through the emotional roller coaster that comes with eating disorder recovery

We are confident in our courses and believe it to be an essential and unique part of the eating disorder recovery journey and right now you can gain access to life saving information for less than the cost of your current Amazon Save For Later Cart.

Gain access to evidenced based tools and information that has helped  people overcome eating disorders.

Our courses are designed to HYPE you and provide you with  resources and guidance from a specialist in the field - for the fraction of the cost to see a specialist. 

Together, we'll work towards gaining back a healthy relationship with food, releasing ourselves from the chains of an eating disorder, and connect with Hype and Hope, knowing you're not alone. Join the road to recovery with us.

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