Are you tired of feeling alone and like no one knows what it is like to lay awake at night counting calories and replaying all the food choices you made?


Are you sick of wanting to diet, hating the diet, feeling stuck and unable to accept your body without the diet?


Do you want to wake up refreshed and confident in your body instead of feeling trapped in your body? 


Do you want to know what you can think about and create if your brain wasn’t so consumed with relentless negative thoughts about food, weight and your body shape?


Do you want to feel like you can get through the day without thinking about food, or your weight…or the gym..

Welcome to the Recovery Academy, a digital program for those struggling with an eating disorder. Our comprehensive courses provide valuable resources and hype to those looking to break free from the chains of an eating disorder.


Messages to diet and change your body are everywhere...

and our courses are designed to help you ditch the diet hamster wheel, and find ways to care for yourself and your body so you have more confidence and energy to show up IN your life!

Gain access to evidenced based tools and information that has helped  people overcome eating disorders. Our courses are designed to HYPE you and provide you with  resources and guidance from a specialist in the field - for the fraction of the cost to see a specialist. 


Eating Disorder Basics course

We discuss the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of eating disorders. You'll gain insight into the effects of disordered eating on your body, brain and mental health. 

ED Basics Course

In our Living In The Gray course

We tackle perfectionism and provide you with a guide for what to expect as you heal. This course guides you through the real battle that lies deep in the fabric of an eating disorder and offers you tips to deal while you heal along the way. With this course, you'll learn to acknowledge, understand, and manage perfectionist tendencies better and leave with a guide for what you can expect during your recovery. 

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In Our Silence The Bully In Your Head Course

We cover all ways to address the harmful thoughts that show up. Learn scientific interventions to help you deal with thoughts like

  • “I am not that sick I ate xxx today”
  • or why you cannot stop thinking about food,
  • or why you felt fine until you found yourself crying in the Target dressing room because you got the “wrong size”.
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In our Stop Believing Your Body Is The Problem course

We give you all the hype, tools and affirmations you need to

  • reject conventional dieting techniques and focus on intuitive eating principles instead.
  • This course teaches you the theory and science to building healthy body acceptance practices.
  • You'll relearn the art of recognizing your hunger and fullness levels, your body's wants and needs, and how to lean into nourishing yourself without diet culture influence.
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The Recovery Is Possible, Even For You Course

is your personal recovery hype and you are enough course. This course teaches you

  • REAL techniques for care and practice more self-love
  • PROVEN tips to help you neutralize the emotions that make it hard to quit the diet, the obsessive body checking, or the food behaviors you hope no one ever finds out about.
  • This course offers effective applicable techniques to help you manage those tough symptoms and urges that come with eating disorders.
  • research backed tools to promote lasting recovery.
Recovery Is Possible, Learn More

Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS

has over 20 years in the mental health and eating disorder field. Our team of experts has curated a unique combination of techniques and strategies that address symptoms, risk factors, non-diet approaches to healthy living, and much more. We understand that treating an Eating Disorder and reaching total recovery is no easy feat, but we want to be with you every step of the way. 

Former Member

"Recovery Academy is a wonderful resource. It's given me a roadmap out of the darkness of my eating disorder. Dr. Steph has taken years of experience treating eating disorders and a vast array of knowledge and created a well organized, effective program which includes videos, activities, writing assignments for self-reflection and other tools which help members learn and grow as they begin to break free from the prison of their eating disorder or disordered eating/body image concerns".

Are you the 1 out of 10 individuals who has a distorted relationship with food?

Grab one of our Recovery Hype courses and gain access to proven tools and skills known to help individuals eat normally withOUT all the body fears and concerns. 

We are confident in our courses and believe it to be an essential and unique part of the eating disorder recovery journey and right now you can gain access to life saving information for less than the cost of your current Amazon Save For Later Cart.

Dr. Courtney Tracy, LCSW, PsyD
"The Truth Doctor"

“The Recovery Academy developed by Dr. Waitt is filling a known gap in eating disorder recovery. The community provided, along with the clinically-relevant resources and accessible tools, allows individuals to reduce their struggle and seek support on a daily basis. I will recommend this resource to anyone needing additional ED support and appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the creation of such a necessary service."

Claire Chewning, RDN, RYT
Yours Chewly Nutrition, LLC.

“The Recovery Academy is an incredibly supportive resource for anyone navigating ED recovery. Recovery is so worth it, but it’s far from easy…especially without adequate guidance and encouragement. I have no doubt that anyone needing more support on the road to recovery could benefit from this program. Dr. Stephanie Waitt’s years of training + experience combined with her relaxed, friendly, and engaging personality makes The Recovery Academy a one of a kind tool filled with more value than I’ve ever seen in any other online recovery resource. Reaching out for help is far easy, but The Recovery Academy can help with that. You deserve to be fully recovered and nourished…consider allowing Stephanie to help you in getting there!”

Together, we'll work towards gaining back a healthy relationship with food, releasing ourselves from the chains of an eating disorder, and connect with Hype and Hope, knowing you're not alone. Join the road to recovery with us. 

Our courses are designed to HYPE you and provide you with  resources and guidance from a specialist in the field - for the fraction of the cost to see a specialist.