Are you looking to live a life free of constant dieting and negative body image thoughts?

Are you sick of wanting to diet, hating the diet, feeling stuck and unable to accept your body without the diet?

Tired of feeling like your body is your enemy, rather than a vessel that deserves love and attention? 

Do you want to feel like you can get through the day without thinking about food, or your weight…or the gym..

Welcome to the Learning To Trust Your Body, a digital course for those struggling with an eating disorder and body image concerns. This FREE course provides valuable resources and hype to those looking to break free from the chains of an eating disorder.


Messages to diet and change your body are everywhere...

and this course is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to elevate your relationship with your body and mind - without the diet torture!

Gain access to evidenced based tools and information that has helped  people overcome eating disorders. This HYPE course is here to provide you with  resources and guidance from a specialist in the field - for the fraction of the cost to see a specialist. 


Learning To Trust Your Body course

We answer the question:

WTF is Health? How The Hell Can I Be Healthy AND NOT Diet?

Course comes with digital worksheets and journal prompts

During the course, you will be introduced to a range of evidence-based tools that are specially designed to help you overcome body image struggles, boost your confidence, and ignite your intuition. These techniques include visualization exercises, journaling prompts, mindfulness meditations, and worksheets that will help you celebrate and appreciate your body just the way it is.


In our Course

We cover ways to address the harmful thoughts that show up. Learn scientific interventions to help you deal with thoughts like

  • “I am not that sick I ate xxx today”
  • or why you cannot stop thinking about food,
  • or why you felt fine until you found yourself crying in the Target dressing room because you got the “wrong size”.

In our Learning To Trust Your Body course

We give you all the hype, tools and affirmations you need to

  • live a healthy life without obsessing about weight and your diet. 
  • stop agonizing over your body and start feeling OK to wear that dress tonight. 
  • This course teaches you the theory and science to building healthy body acceptance practices.
 Get instant access to The exact tools and worksheets I use with my clients on a daily basis to teach them how to start taking care of their body. 
  • Learn REAL techniques for to practice more self-care
  • Get PROVEN tips to help you neutralize the emotions that make it hard to quit the diet, the obsessive body checking, or the food behaviors you hope no one ever finds out about.
  • This course offers effective applicable techniques to help you manage those tough symptoms and urges that come with eating disorders.
  • research backed tools to promote lasting recovery.

Meet Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS, your teacher and lead hype gal 

She has over 20 years in the mental health and eating disorder field. As a respected expert in the field she has curated a unique combination of techniques and strategies that address symptoms, risk factors, non-diet approaches to healthy living, and much more. We understand that treating an Eating Disorder and reaching total recovery is no easy feat, but we want to be with you every step of the way. 

In this training I provide you with a quick video and the exact worksheets I use in sessions with my clients to help them enjoy more Friday nights dancing with Ice Cream in the kitchen with their boo!

This course is FREE and gains you access to our weekly community newsletter for more tips, tricks, and resources to help Make Recovery More Doable For You! 

Are you the 1 out of 5 individuals struggling to change your body with diet and exercise?

Grab our Learning To Trust Your Body course and gain access to proven tools and skills known to help individuals eat normally withOUT all the body fears and concerns. 

We are confident in our courses and believe it to be an essential and unique part of the eating disorder recovery journey and right now you can gain access to life saving information for FREE.

Gain access to evidenced based tools and information that has helped  people overcome eating disorders.

Learning to Trust Your Body course is designed to HYPE you and provide you with  resources and guidance from a specialist in the field - for FREE because this is vital life saving information that more people need to hear! 

Enroll now in the FREE "Learning to Trust Your Body" program and start your journey to total body acceptance today! Your body will thank you for it!